01 Circular design
Recycled Plastic Sheets
02 Team with a mission
REduce, REuse, REcycle
03 Sustainable interior
Plastic waste reimagined
We are giving new life to plastic waste
Surface with a thought

At Vavakada RE, we lead sustainable design by transforming post-consumer plastic bottles into high-quality panels. Our eco-conscious approach embraces circular economy principles, offering architects and designers innovative, customizable materials for interior applications. Committed to reducing environmental impact, our meticulously crafted recycled plastic sheets combine functionality with aesthetics, fostering a greener future for design.

Vavakada RE
Our philosophy
Plastic waste reimagined. Handcrafted with a vision.
What we do?
Conteptual Solutions
The journey of Vavakada RE
Team with a mission

At Vavakada, we embark on a journey to rediscover the inherent beauty and functionality concealed within materials often labeled as 'waste.' Committed to advancing the principles of the circular economy, we meticulously design and craft distinctive architectural materials and aesthetic surface products, breathing new life into both pre- and post-consumer waste materials.

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